Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soldiers' Angels w/Laura Kennedy Live on Veterans Day

Date: Tues, Oct 13 2009 3:19 am
From: Shelle Michaels

Have you joined the Flag Still Stands For Freedom Veteran's Day Campaign?

Soldiers' Angels will take a spotlight in veteran support on this
nationally acclaimed radio show on Veterans Day. Please join us in
supporting your veteran.

Full details are available

As we approach Veteran's Day 2009, we continue to find our young men &
women fighting the battles and standing watch on our many shores to
ensure the "freedom" that we as citizens of the United States enjoy.
Thanks to the service and sacrifices of our forefathers, the choice to
serve is still a volunteer one but yet our forces continue to be

So many negative things have been perceived to be happening around us
from the continued loss of lives to the uncertainty of our individual
financial futures. It is my mission this year to not only celebrate
the memories of our veterans but to celebrate the freedom that they
are risking their lives to defend. We don't need tragedies like 9/11
or holidays like the 4th of July to display our FLAG!

The U.S. Flag means many things to all of us but military personnel
have strong emotional ties to our flag as a symbol of their service
and the land that they have pledged to support and defend. Whether
fighting on foreign soils or stationed abroad, the sight of our flag
flying brings a sense of determination and strength as well as a
reminder that back on home turf there are families and friends
supporting our efforts and anxiously awaiting our return. Let us not
forget our veterans once they do return!

Soldiers' Angels will be spotlighted during this 24 hour radio show...
here is what you can do:

How To Participate:

There is room on this campaign for EVERYONE!! Participating is easy.
Choose as many of the options are you'd like:

Call our 24/7 voice mail line and leave a personal message for the
troops. Call (516) 442-9126

Download the Campaign Flyer and help spread the word (
is having all kinds of free deals on printing!!)

Have your child submit a drawing or story about "What The Flag Means To Me"

Submit a picture of the Veteran in your life for our picture gallery.

Submit a video with a message to our troops.

Submit a video story of the Veteran in your life for our Video gallery.

Help spread the word about the campaign to all of your friends and family.

Shelle Michaels

"May No Soldier Go Unloved"

Soldiers' Angels National Communication Officer

Ladies of Liberty Team Director

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