Friday, October 9, 2009


The Clinic to Nowhere

If this is what it feels like to win against bureaucracy I like it.

I wrote several weeks ago about a very large Police clinic which was to be constructed in our Region. It will really be a poly-clinic with xray, laboratory, and a small Emergency/Triage area. I am sure my Afghan friends will call it a 'shafa khona', or hospital, instead of a clinic.

The site was going to be at a small training camp about 5 miles out of town in the desert. Today I was able to meet with some Engineers who control the building plans and projects from Kabul. With very little persuasion, I was able to plead the case for moving construction closer to the city, where the population to be served is located. While 5 miles doesn't sound like very far to us it might as well be the other side of the moon to most Afghans. The main mode of transportation is by foot, or if you are lucky by taxi or donkey cart....

There is more, of course, which you will never find in the msm. Go here to read the rest.

(H/T to The Thunder Run for this one. You rock, David!)

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