Thursday, October 15, 2009

An American Intervention For Barack Hussein Obama

A GREAT column over at Canada Free Press by Rev. Lainie Dowell. (Yes, she IS a Rev). She writes:
The kid gloves are off! Impeach Him!

An American Intervention For Barack Hussein Obama

By Rev. Lainie Dowell Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Even though Barack Hussein Obama vehemently disavowed much of what Bloggers uncovered about him and disclosed to the American people during the 2008 Presidential Election campaign, to date practically everything Bloggers disclosed about him and his agenda has been confirmed and, many times, by him.

If Obama had been truthful during that campaign and admitted that his agenda for America was not Democrat but Progressive, he never would have been elected; and, in fact, he may even have been run out of this country as far as his little bones could carry him. No amount of high-sounding oratorical gift of gab would ever be enough for any reasonable, free people to delight in letting a potential slave master in the door to crack the whip over them. And Obama knew he would start doing that as soon as he got the keys to the White House in his hands. We watched as he started his term in office with his best imitation of a kid in a candy store with not two pennies to rub against the other. He didn’t know which place to start but he already knew that none of it was his and that he couldn’t afford such a priceless treasure, anyway. Still, he picked up the whip and started swinging. Now what?

The Obama Administration is No Exception

Barack Obama is the self-avowed Saul Alinsky community organizer of disarray and disorganization and he has not hesitated to let anybody know that is his raison d’ etre. However, the President of the United States of America is not in the White House to be the President of the world, a community organizer, or to keep in touch with his own personal on-call “volunteer” lobbyists made up from various citizen groups and national and international “partnerships,” as he has also prided himself and his team with doing. Rather, the U.S. President is the leader of America and of the free western world; and, as such, he is beholden to the dictates of the U.S. Constitution, his Oath of Office, and the American people. That foundational plan has held our nation in good stead for centuries.

It is imperative that, for the welfare and defense of this nation, Barack Obama understands that the 2008 Presidential Election is over. It appears he was pronounced the official winner on November 4, 2008. Furthermore, Obama needs to understand that it is past time for him to put aside his political campaigning from out of the White House Executive Office or anywhere else and for him to pay close attention to the business of governing our nation for the sake of all Americans and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, which he swore to uphold when the Oath of Office was administered to him on January 20, 2009, and he lifted his right hand and said, “So help me God.”

Obama and his Democrat-progressive-socialist-communist-Muslim Party have gone so far as to work hard to undermine our Constitution. They tried even harder to destroy previous administrations by working behind the scenes to propagandize, deny, lie, and call those they had falsely accused - liars for proving them to be...

She ends by writing:

Be encouraged.

If you read nothing else today, make the time to read the rest of Rev. Dowell's well articulated column. You can find it here.

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