Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Mother's Truth

"...Trade for Gilad? Accept a video in exchange for 20 prisoners - 14 wannabe killers? "What do you think of this?" I asked Elie.

"They've endangered us all," he said without hesitation. What joy I felt at hearing that we'd received the videotape and it showed a healthy, if thin, Gilad, evaporated with those words. This is a truth every Israeli mother knows and doesn't want to hear. Yes, when you reward terrorism, you get more terrorism. It is, perhaps, the greatest of all truths.

"Already Hamas has said they are going to try to kidnap more soldiers," Elie continued. More truth, more shades to consider....

Gilad Shalit is alive. This Hamas has proven. This young man has spent the last three years of his life a prisoner of our enemies, separated from his family, denied all contact. Night after night his mother goes to sleep not knowing where he is, if she will ever see him again. It is enough to weaken any mother's heart....

That is from Israeli Soldier's Mother. As always she speaks universal truths for all mothers, even as she reflects on Israel specifically. This post talks about the price that all Israeli soldiers pay, as related by her soldier son Elie, while the Israeli government trades for Gilad Shalit's freedom.

The words in this post resonated with me, as they must for every mother. Go read the rest here.

Israeli Soldier's Mother also has an English translation of what Gilad says in the video released as part of the recent deal, which saw terrorists released, so that Gilad's mother - and all of Israel - could see Gilad for themselves.

The actual video itself is also posted. Go here to see both.

Keeping Gilad, his family, and all of Israel in my thoughts.

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