Monday, October 19, 2009

Wagging the Dog

Another Canadian perspective on the msm , this time at From The Home Front:
Wagging the Dog

The media is at it again.

Twisting things to make it look like Canadian soldiers are the bad guys.

The policy in Afghanistan is that prisoners or suspected terrorists caught by the Canadian Forces’ patrols be turned over to local authorities to allow their rules and justice system deal with.

The Afghan authorities apparently still employ the use of torture and physical punishment on prisoners or suspects. And wonder of wonders it leaked to the media. And – big shock – the bleeding hearts are all over it.

The whole NATO involvement in Afghanistan is not to run the country. They have their own laws they have their own values. Where do Canadians get off interfering in their judicial system?

Now I’m not saying I agree with torturing another human being. But if that’s the law in a foreign country – who am I to change it – it’s not my country. This is.

I listened to a commentary on the local radio station today that actually compared turning over prisoners to the Afghan national to the incident in Somalia where a teen-aged boy was killed. Wow! Talk about comparing apples to oranges!

Nowhere in the report out of Afghanistan does it say that Canadian soldiers tortured prisoners. The Canadian soldiers merely follow orders and bring the terrorists - or suspected terrorists, if you prefer, to the local authorities.

The soldiers may be aware of local ‘practices’ and may not agree with them. But seriously folks, should it be up to a 20-year-old private from small town Canada to change the judicial practices of a foreign nation?

If you answered anything other than ‘no’ please have the person nearest to you kick you in the shin...

There is more plain speaking from this Canadian military wife, and you can find it here.

In her final paragraph she says "...thanking God for the courage of the Canadian soldier...", to which I give a hearty AMEN!

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