Wednesday, April 6, 2011

British FET continue progress in Afghanistan

Female engagement teams support Afghan women

A Military Operations news article

5 Apr 11

British Female Engagement Teams (FETs) are advising Afghan women on how working together can create future prosperity. Report by Ian Carr.

RAF Sergeant with Afghan council member

Sergeant Nikki Parker RAF, deployed with the Military Stabilisation Support Teams, with a female member of the Gereshk Community Council
[Picture: Crown Copyright/FCO 2011]

Afghanistan has for decades had a brutal reputation among westerners for the way in which women are treated in their society. Yet, since the fall of the Taliban, life for many women has improved.

In 2001 an Afghan Ministry of Women's Affairs was established, and just before Christmas its current minister, Dr Husn Banu Ghazanfar, visited London to discuss women's issues with British ministers.

Dr Ghazanfar spoke with pride about the 37 per cent increase in the number of Afghan girls attending school since 2001.

Today, one in four Afghan teachers are women, and since 2001 there has also been a 25 per cent increase in the rate of women entering Afghanistan's parliament.

News reports about women joining the Afghan National Security Forces, being trained by ISAF and playing an important role in counter-insurgency are becoming more commonplace....

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