Friday, April 8, 2011

Our American Troops: "Non-essential"???!~

As anyone half awake knows, any minute now, the US government will be shutting down because the politicians can't agree on appropriate budget measures. Caught in the crossfire (pun intended) of all the political shenanigans are the American troops, a LOT of them in harm's way whilst the usual suspects play games in DC. And yes, as POTUS plans his family weekend getaway.

As usual, YankeeMom - one very pissed off Army Mom has LOTS to say, and whilst this is not an official B*N*S*N story, it certainly qualifies. Read on:

Non-Essential ~

If I hear one more Congress critter say they support our troops…

For the first time, our Troops are considered “non-essential” in the event of a government shut down ~ per their community-agitator-marxist-progressive-teleprompter-reading-enemy-in-chief.

I spent yesterday morning calling my elected reps as well as a few others and as usual all I got was a staff member who couldn’t have cared less and knew less than that. As usual, even the military liaisons weren’t “available”.


Just think about that 19 year old kid who gave up being home with his/her family and friends, to face a murdering enemy who plays by no rules and uses women and children as shields.


Think about the mil-spouses at home with one, two, three or more kids, living from paycheck to paycheck, some on foodstamps (because we pay our boots on the ground so much! *snort*), who has enough to worry about with their loved one in harm’s way.


And yes, she DOES have much more to say, right here.

As she so rightly points out, "support our troops" are cheap, cheap, cheap - and insulting - words when spewed from the mouths of those well-fed fat cats in Washington.

Pay attention, America!

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