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Welcome Home 2 SCOTS!

2 SCOTS return from Afghanistan

A History and Honour news article

26 Apr 11

The last personnel from the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland to return from their six month deployment to Afghanistan arrived home today, Tuesday 26 April 2010.

Piper Corporal John Harvey leads (left to right) Lance Corporal Jason McGowan, Lance Corporal Warren Grant, Fusilier Robert Muir and Fusilier Dominic Milligan to Scots Corner the 2 SCOTS Community Centre
[Picture: Mark Owens, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

During their six month deployment, the Battalion operated from Lashkar Gah City in Helmand Province,with their supporting elements, to provide security in the region and train the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in preparation for them assuming full control of security in the country in the future.

The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS), deployed on Operation HERRICK 13 in September 2010.

During their time in theatre they improved the lives of the indigenous population by providing protection from the insurgents and implementing projects to raise the quality of life for the people.

Throughout the tour, the Jocks, as they call themselves, were aided by their partners from the ANSF. All elements of the Battle Group were assisted by personnel from the Afghan National Police (ANP), Afghan National Army (ANA), Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP) or other elements of the Afghan Security Forces.

Most lived with the 2 SCOTS soldiers, sharing patrol bases with them and conducting operations with them. This benefited everyone as the Afghans were able to talk to the local people and interact with them in a way the Jocks couldn’t, whilst the Afghans benefited from the superior firepower of the Jocks as well as the training that they received from them.

In the city of Lashkar Gah itself the ANSF were able to conduct security operations without the help of the forces from 2 SCOTS.

Fusilier Kristofer Crawford with three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Hannah and two-week-old Dominic

Fusilier Kristofer Crawford with three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Hannah, and two-week-old Dominic at Penicuik today
[Picture: Mark Owens, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]


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