Monday, April 4, 2011

RAVC help develop Helmand's rural economy

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4 Apr 11

A veterinary outreach programme in Nad 'Ali is one of a growing number conducted by the Royal Army Veterinary Corps designed to help farmers and livestock owners living in the remote corners of Helmand province, Afghanistan.

British Army vet treats a sick goat

British Army vet Captain Jo Lowe treats a sick goat at a livestock bazaar near Forward Operating Base Shawqat in Nad 'Ali, central Helmand
[Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) Iggy Roberts, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

Run and organised by the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Lashkar Gah, it is an opportunity for villagers to bring their sick animals to see a vet who can diagnose illnesses and provide treatment.

Up to 80 per cent of the people of Helmand rely on livestock in one way or another and it is therefore critical that the animals are maintained and kept healthy. In the long run it is important that the skills of proper animal husbandry are passed on to the local people so they can ensure their own future.

One farmer who is waiting for his huge black and white cow to be examined has travelled for an hour to reach the market:

"The roads are much safer now, before there were lots of roadside bombs. I would like to be taught how to look after my animals properly, it would help my family," he said.

A new programme designed to educate the farmers in basic care techniques is the Veterinary Teaching Initiative, which seeks to promote a long term solution....

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