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In Islam, ALL children are Suhana

Nine-year-old Pakistani girl Suhana was on her way to school when the militants allegedly seized her and drugged her, she said in a news conference broadcast by CNN affiliate GEO TV.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

9-year old Girl Caught Wearing Suicide Vest

20 June 2011 VOA News In the Lower Dir tribal area, police Monday said they have detained a 9-year-old girl who was wearing a suicide vest and told to blow up a security checkpoint.

The young girl told reporters at a news conference that she was abducted from the northwestern city of Peshawar on Saturday. She said her captors strapped the bomb on her and dropped her off at the checkpoint near Timergarah, the main town in Lower Dir. Police say the girl was wearing eight kilograms of explosives when she was taken into custody.

Authorities are trying to confirm the girl's story and search for her captors.

Suicide bombings carried out by young girls or women are extremely rare in Pakistan....(More here)

They may be rare in Pakistan(so far, and take a look at this article for a promise of more of the same in Pakistan) but they are not rare across the Islamic world. From Afghanistan one week later: Islamist Attack on Afghan Police Delivered by Unknowing 8 yo Girl .

The only person killed in that attack? The poor 8 year old child. This just one day after the cowards sent a suicide bomber (aka murderer) to attack a hospital, which killed dozens of pregnant women and children. It has been long known that the terrorist groups within Islam don't give a damn about their children. From 2007:

In Lebanon, kids are trained to be suicide bombers.

In Iraq, women and children are used as suicide bombers. In March 2007: Iraq insurgents used children in car bombing.

Take a look at this:

And this is the Religion of Peace? Not so much. As a soldier who sees what this stone age - despicable - culture does to their kids every day ( and who often gets to pick up the pieces of the kids and their dead targets) when the story about the 8 year old would-be suicide bomber surfaced, said:

[...] just want to offer some advice. If you think about this type story too much it will drive you nuts. Our enemies are sick bastards & evil & leave it @ that.

The point I wanted to make was the general civilian world honestly doesn't have to hear all the evil these guys do...just that they are evil sick bastards. We try to track down the ones responsible for doing the evil to kids & take them out. They do this stuff to try to break our resolve & it just fans the flames.

I have enormous respect for all our troops, and this soldier in particular, but I have to disagree with him on one point. I believe that we in the 'general civilian world' must read this stuff. I believe we must be aware of what these animals do to their children. If we turn away, refuse to acknowledge what Islam does to children, this will be what our own children will face. In our own countries we already see - if we choose to - what creeping Islam is ready, and willing, to inflict on us, and our children. As a respondent to the soldier above so rightly said:

I know, but I just post these stories to make people aware. I know what the Taliban do and al Qaeda, but most people don't know, and they need to be aware. It's coming here sooner or later. We've had 10,000 beheadings along the Texas border, and the Taliban are here. It's only a matter of time.

We are all familiar with the Hamas terrorist training camps in Gaza where even pre-schoolers are taught that Jews must be killed. As Golda Meir once famously said:

I cannot forgive ANY 'religion' that proves daily that they are willing to sacrifice - kill - their own children, and use them as instruments of death, in the name of their sick 'religion':

That from here, where the tag line says: Afghan kids 'play' suicide bomber.

Children 'play'? No, no, NO! I will never accept that it is just a cultural divide that makes it okay for ANY child to be playing at suicide bombing. THIS is what children playing looks like, no matter what part of the world you happen to be born in:

courtesy ISAF:

Afghan children play on refurbished playground

A young boy gives the thumbs up while several other Afghan children play on a new swing set during recess at the local school house in Musa Qal’eh, Oct. 17. According to Capt. Charlie Chiang, civil affairs team leader, 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2, local nationals recently refurbished the playground by building swings, replacing the teeter-totters, goal posts and flags. The playground equipment was also repainted the colors of the national flag, building national pride amongst the students.

THAT is how children the world over SHOULD be playing, embracing life, not courting death. But a culture that believes it is okay to strap bombs on their kids, whose kids are expendable, and that it is also just fine to throw acid in girls' faces as they go to school, is what our troops face every single day as they fight the GWOT on the frontlines of the sandbox. One of the sites I found that last story on was a Canadian unofficial army site, and the question was posed "Do Some Still doubt why we are there?" No, I am very sure that our troops know why they are there, just as I do, but a lot of politicians, and most of the 'general civilian population' choose to stay ignorant.

From War on Terror News:

Friday, April 01, 2011

Troops Make Playing w/ Iraqi Kids a Normal Event

Bringing smiles to Iraqi kids

by Staff Sgt. Ricardo Branch 25th ID, JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq

A group of excited, young Iraqi children jumped up to swarm 1st Lt. Jae Kim, dashing around his feet, in an attempt to catch the soccer ball he kicks around playfully at the Joint Base Balad Morale, Welfare and Recreation building March 26.

One year ago, interacting with Iraqi kids only occurred in fleeting moments when U.S. Soldiers took small breaks on patrol to play with the kids, said Kim. These days, units operating from Joint Base Balad regularly host events, such as the Iraqi Kids Day, bringing service members together with the local community.

Kim, a native of Fort Lee, N.J., said after numerous missions outside the base, playing with kids can bring joy to even the most battle-tested Soldiers.

“Some of these kids come from some economically depressed areas, so you don’t see a lot of fun activities where all the kids get together,” said Kim, Battery A, 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.

“The simple things we take for granted, you just don’t see a lot of here, so it’s good to just get a bunch of the kids together for some fun.” ... (more here)

Fun? In the last few days stories such as these have been dismissed by a reader as 'puff pieces.' That is ridiculous, of course, for at least two reasons: 1) stories like this should be told, if for no other reason to dispel the myth of our troops as Rambos-on-steroids running amok, and 2) I know from first-hand exposure (I was very young then) to US troops interacting with the civilian kids, that the lifelong effects on every kid, of even a few minutes of kindness, joyful - carefree - playing, are indelible.

A picture such as this is an integral part of interacting with little kids in our culture:

Courtesy ISAF: MAIDEN SHAHR, Afghanistan--Turkish Army Sergeant 1st Class Ramazan Cagliyan interacts with a child at the Wardak central Market during a tour of the province with members of the Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) . [...] ISAF photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez (RELEASED)

And then there is this:

Courtesy ISAF: COMISAF Visits Shahdarak Market

KABUL, Afghanistan - At the end of his first full day as Commander of
the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which included
overview meetings with the commander of the NATO Training
Mission-Afghanistan, his three-star commanders, and a number of ISAF's
staff sections, General David H. Petraeus decided to take a break and
visit the Shahdarak Market in Kabul, Afghanistan. He walked from the
ISAF Headquarters to the market, where he met with local businessmen,
purchased and shared bread with the locals, and even found time for a
little football match with a few local Afghan children. (ISAF Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Bradley A. Lail) (released)

Throughout this GWOT, there are many documented instances of our troops playing soccer, distributing toys, or playing in playgrounds with local kids; all normal every day events to our kids, but all too scarce events to these kids for whom life is a struggle every day.

Children in Delaram, Afghanistan, are playing soccer and wearing jerseys that were given to them by the Marines with the Police Mentoring Team, Regimental Combat Team 8, and the Afghan Uniformed Police, Feb. 15. The PAT and AUP donated the soccer supplies to the Delaram Boys School. Photo by Lance Cpl. Clayton Vonderahe

And I have to include one of my most favourite pictures of one of our guys with the kids:

(Used with permission) The soldier in this picture told me:

We all kinda put on shows when kids are around, goes along way on the hearts & minds & we genuinely love them...& if I go a coupla days without hearing kid's laughter I get cranky.

Do I need to belabour the point that that right there is the difference between our culture and theirs? I didn't think so.

Look at the joy in those kids' faces in all these pictures as they are - being kids.

On one of the UK military sites today, I found this picture, and as I look at this I have to wonder (as I know some soldiers have) : is this child going to be a future threat to our troops?

As the soldier quoted above says:

They are taught from an early age that we [all the West] are responsible for all the evil that befalls them... [...]It's a simple matter of survival for them...and a boatload of see that in a child's eyes wearing explosives that you gave your lunch to earlier puts ice water in your veins. I try to dispel their opinion of us but it's hard to convince them we're the good guys trying to help them, it just doesn't sink in for them...

On the UKForcesAfghanistan site where I found this (and other great pictures of kids) they say this:

Like children the world over, they are cheeky and inquisitive and are always intrigued by a soldier with a camera,...(go look here for more on The children of Helmand)

'Cheeky and inquisitive.' Yes, kids the world over are cheeky, they are inquisitive, but within Islam, for kids the world over, their future looks very bleak. Islam actively promotes - and loves death - more than they cherish their children, and as long as this is so, I see no carefree childhoods for any of their children, no peace for any of our children.

There are some who will tell you that we should just leave the barbarians to it, and bring all our troops home; that what they do 'over there' is not our business. To me, that is such a shortsighted view of the world, and Islam's well-documented plans to dominate our world. As one of the comments above reminds, ignoring the problem and hoping it won't come to our own shores, is a failure to grasp the real threat we all face, globally. Yes, I know very well that more than a few of the coalition countries are in the process of withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan, as has happened in Iraq already. Not only is this folly for the children left behind in those hellholes, run by cowardly neanderthals, it is also catastrophically stupid for all of us.

Every week it seems there is another story of Islamists killing their own children who they deem to have 'dishonoured' their 'faith'. Yes, even far away from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any of the other predominantly Islam countries. (Insert your own *spit* here. )

Remember Aqsa Parvez? No? Well you really should be paying closer attention. I last wrote about her in June 2010:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aqsa Parvez: Rest in Peace

Aqsa Parvez was a victim of the 'religion of peace.' Living in Canada, she was murdered by her father and brother:

Father, son plead guilty to Aqsa Parvez murder

Mississauga, Ont., teen strangled in 2007 after argument over hijab

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | 6:27 PM ET

The father and brother of Aqsa Parvez, 16, have pleaded guilty to killing the Mississauga, Ont., teenager in 2007.

Muhammad Parvez and Waqas Parvez pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Tuesday and now face automatic life sentences.

Initially it was believed by police that Muhammad Parvez had killed his daughter, but in court it was revealed that the brother had strangled Aqsa.

"[Muhammad Parvez] decreed she should be murdered, but Waqas Parvez is no less guilty. He had so many opportunities in those days to stop his father," said Crown prosecutor Mara Brasso inside the Mississauga court.

"The plan was in play at least two or three days before it happened. He never warned Aqsa. He never warned police. Even when they got to the home he obviously didn't falter on the threshold, on the doorstep and he carried on and murdered her," said Brasso.

"Home," said Brasso, "was the most dangerous place for her."...

"Home...was the most dangerous place for her..."

As it still is today in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other country where cowards use their 'religion' of Islam to keep children and women under their jackboot control.

In that column here, I referred back to an earlier column I had written about Aqsa on Tanker Bros when she was murdered in 2007:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What happens over there...

...has nothing to do with us"? How many times have we heard this? How many times have the complacents among us said "we should all just leave the middle east alone, and they won't bother us?" "Not our business, since it is not here in our countries.."

How many times? Well, folks, as I have been saying all along, What is happening "over there" has EVERYTHING to do with us.

(The rest of this column here) You may try and tell yourself that such things as 'honour' killings like this one in Iraq, could never happen here, so we should just leave those Islamist countries, and stay home safe within our own borders. Not so fast. Aqsa's story, and many other such stories, clearly show that these cowardly killers are already here among us, and have brought their unacceptable culture with them. Remember the tv producer who beheaded his wife in February 2009? No? Refresh your memory here.

Some statisticians are predicting that within one generation, at the current rate of immigration and reproduction, the Islamists will be the majority here in our own countries. The Pew Research Center, for one, tracks these trends. Statistics are all well and good, if you are counting known residents (ie legal), but is there anyone still unaware that among all the Mexican border runners on the US' southern border, there is also a good percentage of Islamists sneaking in to settle down and do goodness only knows what in America? They bring their belief systems with them, folks.

Yes, I am sure that readers who don't know me will scream that I am a racist, or an Islamophobe, (and I'm okay with that) but take a look at this story, and tell me you cannot see the stark, undeniable difference between a culture that persists in blowing its own kids apart, as well as using them to blow others up, and the culture represented by our troops, who replaced the limbs of a dismembered child:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Afghan Boy lost arms to Insurgents' IED, US Army replaces them

Young Afghan amputee gets new arms

Written by By U.S. Army Sgt. Scott Davis Regional Command-East Public Affairs

110301-a-x1111-002 Saturday, 26 March 2011 BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – After being struck by an insurgent’ improvised explosive device earlier this year, a 12-year-old Afghan boy lost both of his arms and captured hearts, resulting in a collective effort to get him new limbs.

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Allyson Lawson, the discharge coordinator for Afghan patients at Bagram Airfield’s Heathe N. Craig Joint Theater Hospital, made it her mission to get better prosthetic limbs than what is currently offered in Afghanistan.

A prosthetic arm’s functionality is displayed. An Afghan boy had two similar arms donated to him after he was injured by an improvised explosive device earlier this year thanks to a few service members’ efforts. (Courtesy Photo)

“The International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan does not make a functional hand, just a hook. I thought (the hand) would help him more,” said Lawson, a National Guardsman from Colorado Springs, Colo. “I wanted this young man to be able to continue his education and ease the difficulty he will face in doing so.”...

(Go read the rest here.)

As always, there are some who will quietly insist that these murderous cretins do not represent the true Islam, and they deny the immorality of a 'religion' that uses kids as weapons. Really? Tell that to any of the children sent off to 'play' the very real deadly, terminal game of suicide bomber.

Just today, this story:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking the Moral High Ground? Fazal Saeed "won't target" innocents, Pakistan military

'We abhor killing innocent people through suicide attacks and bomb blasts, attacks on our own army and destruction of social infrastructure,' a statement quoted him [Fazal Saeed] as saying in the Afghanistan Sun.

Fazal Saeed, a former commander of the terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has decided that killing innocent people/civilians AND attacking the army of Pakistan is unjustified morally. According to Saeed, the targeting of "Muslims" is forbidden by Islam. Saeed was a commander of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in the Kurram Agency, a part of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

After supposedly asking the leadership of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to stop targeting these two groups of people, Saeed had enough and quit, forming his own group, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Islami. "The new organization will not attack our own security forces," he claimed... (More here)

Maybe so, and this leader talks a good story, but the children of Islam need a heck of a lot more than just talk, to ensure them a future free from fear of the absolute immorality of being called upon to blow themselves up. They need a future - period.

The radical muslim culture delights in death and destruction; our culture celebrates life, nurtures the joyful potential within all children. However, the sad fact is that in the all too near future, none of our troops will be close by to 'ease the difficulty' any of these kids face. Coalition countries have lost the political will to stay the course, and BHO says he will focus on the nation at home.

My hope? That BHO - at least - is voted out before the Islamists which he is welcoming into his administration - and the country - become too firmly entrenched. All too soon it will be all too late for the Suhanas, and the rest of our children.

In Islam all children ARE Suhana.

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