Thursday, June 9, 2011

Military College of Cussing - Edited

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Military College of Cussing - Edited

A particularly important woman has pointed out that such language is inappropriate, even if completely needed for emphasis. As such, the written version of bleeps has been used. ** replaces key letters.(Another Classic that was well received by the thick skinned) CAUTION: Strong Language Follows:

Sometimes, ya just gotta tell it like it is. If ya have sensitive eyes, look away.

There are few as proficient at swearing as those in the military. Cuss words emphasize the point being made and all points in the military require emphasizing, usually 3 times. Hence the phrase made known to me by a Master Sergeant when dealing with REMF’s:

“F**k you you f**king f**k!” It not only demonstrates the various ways that this word can be used, but clearly related his feelings to a hapless finance lieutenant telling him that the funds needed for some high risk 16 hour a day, 6 ½ day a week, sweat drenched, gut wrenching training would not be made available.

It is also quite clear that no recruit, being by his very nature, a civilian wannabe Soldier could understand the intricacies of swearing. In order to overcome this, we put these recruits through basic training, where they not only learn which way to point their weapon and how to march but get an immersion course into swearing by some of our most proficient NCO’s who scare the hell out of the few officers they sign for....

Yes, there is more! Go get edumacated here.

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Richard Cook said...

Dear Sir:

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These workers have never been thanked. They have never been honored. They have been shunned as war criminals. This is wrong. This mistake of history must be fixed.

The YouTube link is to a 10 minute video about Oak Ridge,Tennessee. In the last 10 months it has gotten over 38,000 hits. It needs to get 500,000 so the nation, and Hollywood in particular, will understand that Americans want this story to be told. The military community on the Internet will help make this happen.

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You can make a difference. You can fix this mistake of history. You can help honor these workers.

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Many thanks for your time, your blogging and your service to country.

Richard Cook