Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome Home HMS Enterprise

From the MoD:

HMS Enterprise home from 20-month deployment

A History and Honour news article

10 Jun 11

After a mammoth 20-month deployment, Royal Naval survey ship HMS Enterprise today returns to her home port of Her Majesty's Naval Base Devonport in Plymouth.

HMS Enterprise

HMS Enterprise returns home to Devonport
[Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

The oceanographic and hydrographic survey ship has sailed over 50,000 miles (80,500km) during her deployment, with her most recent operations over the last few months involving surveying an area the size of Dartmoor National Park.

Her deployment has also included West Africa, the Gulf, Gibraltar, Oman and the southern Red Sea.

HMS Enterprise is one of two Echo Class ships in the Royal Navy and is designed to spend most of her time deployed on operations.

It will therefore be a rare moment for HMS Enterprise's crew when the ship ties up at her base port to the awaiting families and well-wishers.

Commander Jon Holmes, the ship's Commanding Officer, said:

"It is always special for a ship to return to her home base after a long period away. Our relief manning system allows us to operate in this way, but also allows the work to continue. After a short stay and change of half of the crew, we will be back to sea early next week."... (Much more here)


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