Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From the Front: 06/09/2010

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run

A Handful of Dust: Destination Kabul
al Sahwa: A Business-like Strategy: Al-Qaeda & Al Shabaab
Kate Clark: Who will replace Saleh and Atmar?
Army Live: Shoulder to Shoulder-No Soldier Stands Alone
Battle Rattle: Marjah: ‘It’s like a petting zoo in hell’
The Canada-Afghanistan Blog: Moussada Jalal Fights Back
The Canada-Afghanistan Blog: The Kandahar "Offensive"
Family Matters Blog: Children of Fallen Express Emotions at Camp
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: Chinook Pilot Awarded DFC
Home From Iraq: The Army Job I was Supposed to do is Open
Kerplunk: Iraq/Afghanistan fatigue in the book industry
Kit Up!: TF Rakkasan Commander Responds to MultiCam Moratorium
Kit Up!: TF Rakkasan Camo Issue: Kit Up! Responds
Bill Roggio: Taliban overrun Frontier Corps outpost in northwest Pakistan
Bill Roggio: Afghan commandos strike at the Taliban in the northwest
Red Bull Rising: P.A.C.E. Your Family's Communications Plan
Joan D'Arc: How do you handle "Good Bye?"
Andi: Of Peace Symbols, Flags and Mental Gymnastics
Terry Glavin: The Kind And Splendid Country You Never Got To Know
The Unknown Soldiers: Dereliction of duty
The Captain's Journal: Followup on Patrolling Without Rounds Chambered in Weapons

News from the Front:

Dangerous, but to Whom?
In the Afghan Papers: Proselytizing
Talking to the Taliban 'bad news for women': activist
Helping Now Zad Locals Help Themselves
NATO Plan Ties Afghan Economy to Growth of Forces
ISAF Forces Push Back Taliban in Southern Nad 'Ali
CIA lifts secret cover of Afghan bomb victims
U.S. hopes to share prison with Afghanistan
Gates, Fox, Reaffirm Afghanistan Commitment
Helmand for U.K. was a ‘Deeply Flawed Gamble’
NATO death toll hits 24 in June
Gunmen Attack NATO Trucks Near Pakistan Capital
6 Die in Attack on Supply Rigs in Pakistan
Suspected Militants Attack NATO Goods in Pakistan
Afghan ex-spy boss calls peace strategy dangerous
Troops kill 19 militants in Afghanistan
Japan pledges $11m in aid to Kabul
US urges Afghanistan to detail Taliban reintegration plan
Dutch Afghanistan stance an embarrassment for former NATO chief
Afghanistan: A war we're winning

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