Friday, June 4, 2010

Soldiers' Angels needs your vote

This month Soldiers' Angels is participating in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant Challenge. Our mission is to win 50K for the Soldiers' Angels Center and Project SAVE (Support a Vet's Employment)

The Soldiers' Angels Center in San Antonio Texas is providing jobs for our veterans, training, a music therapy program and a home for our Salute to Heroes and Angels Museum. It is a wondeful safe place for all our veterans, active duty and military families to find the help, services and support they need. The vets working there are the ones directly responsible for getting all the SA packages of support to our troops deployed.

It only takes a moment to register. Many of you already have and have voted for other projects in previous months. Please share it with your friends, family, coworkers and anyone you know. Vote today and every day this month.

Soldiers' Angels has come a long way since it was pile of boxes for troops in Patti's living room. She dreamed of The Soldiers' Angels Center and Project SAVE for a looooong time. All of your support and help has made this dream a reality. Now we can help make it bigger and better than ever.

Please Vote Today

You can also find this on the Pepsi Refresh Everything web site by putting Soldiers' Angels in the search box.

H/T Sheryl..

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