Saturday, June 12, 2010

We con the world (or YouTube at least)

I originally shared "We Con the World" on 3 June 2010. You can check out that version here.

Today, via Yankeemom, comes this:

YouTube Is At It Again!

YouTube silences Latma, removes ‘We Con the World’

As Israel went offline for the Jewish sabbath, YouTube removed most versions of Latma’s hit parody song We Con the World. If you try to access the song on YouTube you receive the notification:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc.

Copyright experts we advised with before posting the song told us in no uncertain terms that we were within our rights to use the song because we did so in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine. The Fair Use Doctrine, copied and pasted below from the US Copyright Office stipulates that it is legal and permissible to use copyrighted material under the fair use doctrine for purposes of parody.
Copyright attorneys also warned us that given our clearly lawful use of the song We are the World, if anyone wished to silence our voices, they wouldn’t target us. Instead they would target YouTube. It is YouTube’s standard practice to remove any material that they receive even the flimsiest threat for because the company wishes to avoid all litigation....

Yankeemom has more here.

In her column, Yankeemon has downloaded a longer - in my opinion, better - version of We Con The World:

Yankeemom ends with this:

Don’t know how long this will be up, but I downloaded to my computer in any case.

I am just so sick and tired of this crap.

I don't have the tech skills to save this myself, but if you do, I suggest you download it to your computer.

I can share again, and I can sing, so I will continue to sing this version, in solidarity with Israel. Let me hear YOU!

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