Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: How big IS it?

Hard to fathom just how big the oil spill really is. To help get the BIG picture there is this:

[...] as the enormity of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico continues to expand, we've found it extremely difficult to convey the immenseness of the area being impacted- today - by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

Yesterday afternoon, however, we were pointed toward a website from American Military University (AMU) that helped put the enormity of the disaster in perspective. The site's and it takes the latest closure data from the Gulf of Mexico and puts the area over other parts of the country.

If the Deepwater Horizon were located in Birmingham, Alabama, for example, the area currently impacted - and closed to use would stretch from west of Starkville, Mississippi eastward to near Cartersville, Georgia. From the northeast, it would spread from Cleveland, Tennessee southwards to only a few miles north of Montgomery, Alabama.

If it were dropped on Washington, D.C. (probably not a bad idea to get rapid action), it would stretch from Allentown, Pennsylvania southward past Philadelphia, through Delaware and into the Chesapeake Bay well south of Annapolis, MD.

If you visit and enter your own hometown, you'll see- graphically - how large this disaster has already become.

Yes, it works, because I did it last night, and again this morning. Check it out.

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