Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Much Abuse Should Officers Take?

The msm is full of stories of those poor innocent, "boys" being abused and worse by US border patrol agents. You know, those that have been found illegally trying to enter America, only top be sent back to Mexico, numerous times. Here's a rational response from someone who knows whereof he speaks. From American Thinker comes this:

June 12, 2010

How Much Abuse Should Officers Take?

By Bob Weir

For all those hand-wringers out there who are shaking their collective heads in disbelief that a fifteen-year-old Mexican boy was shot dead by a Border Patrol agent because he was attempting to brain the guy with a rock, let's be clear. A rock, colliding with your skull, can kill you just as surely as a bullet.

When you watch some of the videos of what these Border Patrol agents have to put up with every day, you have to wonder why more rock-throwers are not shot. I've known police officers who were killed with blunt objects and some who were crippled for life after being bludgeoned by someone they allowed to get too close. During the Columbia University war protests in 1968, a cop I had worked with a few times was assigned, along with other officers, to try to contain the marauding students and keep anyone from being injured. Well, many cops were injured while trying to be gentle with that bunch of spoiled brat radicals. One of them was my erstwhile partner. As he was keeping his eyes on a rampaging group several feet away, many of whom were throwing rocks, bottles, and other solid objects, some of which were bouncing off his helmet, he paid no attention to a student who had scaled the ledge of a one-story building, just above him.

He was totally unprepared for what happened next. One of those "activists" leaped from the roof and landed on the cop's shoulders, breaking the fall of the student, but breaking the back of the cop. The downward thrust of the weight crushed the lower part of his spine, destining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his young life.

In Brooklyn, during the riots of the turbulent sixties, I and many of my fellow officers faced off against street thugs who hurled anything they could get their hands on in an attempt to injure and intimidate us. Can you imagine standing out in the open, wearing a uniform that represents law and order, and having to bob and weave as you try to avoid being hit by a barrage of weapons, any one of which could kill or severely injure you? The idea that people who are assigned the duty to protect the public should be passive targets for violent assaults makes the term "law and order" a ludicrous misnomer. What part of the Constitution allows people to attack and injure symbols of authority with impunity?...

You just know there is more, and it is a must read, commonsense response here.

Update: via Mark R Taylor on FB, a video that shows exactly what the border patrol deals with, every single day. Take a look:

This was from August 2008, but anyone paying attention knows it is much worse now, as the thugs are emboldened by the 'policies' from the WH...]

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Dean said...

Had those agents been in vehicles instead of on bicycles it likely would have been a different outcome. We will never know.
What I find hypocritical is the outrage expressed by the Mexican government over this.

They kill hundreds of people on their southern border, some are children and THAT goes unreported.

I fail to have any sympathy for that 15 year old and can only feel anger towards his parents. He made a bad choice and paid the consequences unfortunately. The parents should be held accountable. Of course they won't be.
Hec it wouldn't surprise me to find out that they have become rich from the compensation Obozo and his clowns will probably pay them.

We live in upside down land Brat...