Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vets for Freedom PAC

From my inbox:

VFF-PAC Launches Targeted Effort to Elect
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans to Congress

Our mission. Our moment. Our warriors.

Vets for Freedom PAC members--

Ten in 10If you're like me, you're deeply concerned about the future of our country. Washington deal-making and "me-first" politicians have jeopardized American power, both on the battlefield and here at home.

Now is our time to fight. We know our mission. This is our moment. And we've found our warriors.

Today, Vets for Freedom PAC is proud to announce this year's main effort--'OPERATION 10-in-10'. We have done our homework, and found 10 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans running for Congress who are ready--today!--to lead the fight in Washington and take our country back in November, 2010. These men, and their courage, are 'OPERATION 10-in-10'.

PLEASE DONATE and help VFF-PAC send them to Washington!

All 10 are Iraq and/or Afghanistan veterans. All 10 have proven to be strong, viable candidates. All 10 are challengers in competitive House races. And, most importantly, all 10 believe in victory on the battlefield. Now, our job is to make sure that all 10 win in November!

VFF PAC LogoBut we can't do it alone. We need your help. Entrenched Washington interests are stacked up to beat these veterans, and we need fire back with everything we've got. Meet all 10 candidates and read their unassailable records of service on the battlefield. The media is already taking note, as POLITICO ran an article this morning on our effort.

In the coming weeks, VFF-PAC will send out more information about 'OPERATION 10-in-10' and will let you know how you can help. But today, we need ammunition for the fight. Help VFF-PAC--the largest and most influential Iraq and Afghanistan veterans organization in America--send warriors to Washington!

Move Out and Draw Fire!


Executive Director, Vets for Freedom PAC
Iraq War Veteran

Vets for Freedom PAC
P.O. Box 65657 Washington, D.C. 20035

Check out VFF PAC here.

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