Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome home!

You all know these are my most favourite stories, and this IS just in:

Thousands cheer 4 RIFLES back from Afghanistan

A History and Honour news article

18 Jun 10

Thousands of well-wishers cheered, applauded and waved flags as soldiers from A Company, 4th Battalion The Rifles (4 RIFLES), recently returned from a tough deployment to Afghanistan, marched through the streets of Dorchester this week.

4 Rifles march past council dignatories lining High West Street in  Dorchester

4 RIFLES march past council dignatories lining High West Street in Dorchester
[Picture: Corporal Russ Nolan RLC, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]

Led by the Salamanca Band of The Rifles, 150 officers and soldiers in their desert combat uniforms marched from Poundbury Barracks to the town's War Memorial in bright sunshine, on Wednesday. They were addressed and inspected there by the Mayor of Dorchester, Councillor Leslie Phillips.

Councillor Phillips said the town was extremely proud of what the soldiers had achieved:

"I offer the warmest greetings to the officers and Riflemen of A Company, 4 RIFLES, whose return to this country after a hugely demanding tour of duty we are here to celebrate today.

"You have earned yourselves a reputation second to none and I am immensely proud that Dorchester is one of a number of towns in your Supporters Club which has followed your progress with interest."...

And yes, there is more here..

Thank you all for your service, and WELCOME HOME.

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Poet Warrior said...

I would like to have seen a column right into the protest group and a serious "ass whuppin'" laid on them. But that is just me. They were not peace demonstrators. They were Muslims. There was not a peaceful bone in the crowd, nor a loyal one. Nor a British one.