Thursday, June 3, 2010

Turkey's 9/11

Israeli Soldier's Mother is a blog written - as it title says - by an Israeli Soldier's Mother. She is on my sidebar and I have been a longtime reader of hers. I value her insights tremendously. Today I knew she would have something to say, and yes, she does:
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turkey’s 9/11

I debated about putting this article that I have recently written here on this blog about my sons and my life as a soldier's mother. I hesitated for all of 10 minutes. I came here to the blog, thinking should I...shouldn't I...will I expand this blog to my thoughts of life in general and Israel in particular, or continue to try (and fail sometimes) to limit it to specifically this huge part of my life...the life of a soldier's mother? I don't have an answer for that whole question yet, but Anonymous came and visited me again, as he often does, with another nasty comment, another negative attack. He wrote, "And what's your thoughts on the latest israel's crime? It is murder conducted by a state. Are you proud of those sodliers for killing civilians?"

Aside from the fact that we are talking of soldiers and not sodliers, aside from the fact that the "civilians" were busy attacking our soldiers before they'd even landed on the ships, yes, I guess I do want to share my here they are:

Turkey’s 9/11

It is dangerous to be an Israeli in Turkey today. The families of Israeli diplomats have come back to Israel, as a cautionary move against possible violence. The diplomats, so far, have not been recalled. The flotilla fiasco is, according to some in Turkey, their 9/11. Of all the discussions I have heard, all the comments from all sides, this is perhaps the most telling.

September 11 was a day in which 50,000 people were attacked, more if you count the Pentagon and still more if you understand it was as much an attack on the United States itself, rather than “only” the World Trade Center. September 11 was a day in which innocence was attacked. Those who care more about making a point than reality, could argue that those in the Pentagon might not have been innocent, but no rational human being can say that those who perished, and those who survived, had done anything to justify what happened.

No, September 11 was about innocent victims and terrorism. How telling that the Turks use and abuse this event for their own political and cynical gains. The flotilla was not about humanitarian aid. No one can seriously believe that when Israel had constantly, even the day before, made public announcements that it was prepared to deliver the cargo to Gaza, once it was checked for security reasons and smuggling of contraband or weaponry.

Seriously, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know about the hundreds of tunnels we have found and stopped, the endless smuggling of drugs, women, explosives, missiles and more that constantly flows into Gaza? It cannot be. I refuse to believe it.

It is possible people are unaware of the tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel – of the damage that has been caused here, the loss of life in Israel? I know the world has not forgotten the Gaza War – they are still looking for ways to condemn Israel. Even Richard Goldstone, the hanging judge of South Africa, admits to the rocket attacks and the damage we have sustained, even Richard Goldstone.

So clearly, Israel was justified in demanding our right to protect our citizens and verify that the cargo was innocent. Turkish citizens and others took to the waters. A naval blockade was legally declared. The flotilla refused to comply. From there, the situation is clear.

Israel attempted to board the ships. In all honesty, though I am not a military person, I can see that the soldiers believed they were dropping down into a ship of activists – the very humanitarian and peace-loving people they claimed they would be. It would be a matter of arrest, transfer, pack up the cargo, deliver it. End of story.

But the people on the ship were not the innocents of 9/11. I don’t remember seeing anyone beating, stabbing, and shoving others from heights. I remember people helping others, crying, hugging, and most of all, running in fear for their lives as the terrorist threat turned into reality....

She gave me permission to post all of her column here, but instead I am asking you to go over to her site, read the rest, and then leave her a comment of support. Go here.

Israel's mothers need to know that, despite what any of our governments may say, there ARE people out in the world who stand with Israel. PERIOD!

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