Sunday, September 21, 2008

Biden UNDER the bus: This just in...;)


Mark your calendars. The Obama/Biden ticket is about to "change." I think you all know that I get information from all sorts of places. ;) The following was in an email sent to me by a source I trust totally. They have "cred":

"On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2. [This will avoid Hillary having to bear an hour of unflattering side-by-side comparison to Sarah Palin.]"

For weeks now, we have all watched as Joe has demonstrated repeated symptoms of that common ailment, foot in mouth disease. We have all seen how 'sick' he has been. But now, it seems poor Joe is having heart problems - specifically 'aneurysm' - or at least that is going to be the official line. That gem comes "from excellent sources within the DNC."

Are YOU going to buy that line? I am so not. I am sure that Obama's VP selection committee thoroughly checked into the medical history of any would-be VP contenders. Given Joe's advanced age and all, (lol) I am thinking that his records may have comprised about 70 pages also..(And yes - after Senator McCain's records being released, does anybody REALLY believe the line that Governor Palin is a "heartbeat" away from the Presidency. Puleeeeeeeze. John McCain will outlive a lot of his dimdem opponents - trust me on this. But I digress.) So, what this latest change is, is Obama and his minions "hoping" that the American people will not look closely into more of the smoke and mirrors that IS their campaign against the American people. Yes, I did say "against."

I have to ask what Joe Biden has been promised for him to fall on his sword. Seriously though, Obama is probably doing Joe a BIG favour removing him from the Obamaland future landscape. THAT is probably better for Joe's heart....

And then we have Hillary. Can we say: "Don't do it, Hillary!!!" Anyone who has watched Hillary and Bill over the years, knows what a political animal Hillary is. When Obama and his committee (of 2 was that? lol) chose Joe instead of Hillary, I kept saying that Hillary was nowhere near shrinking off into the background...
Everything any of us think we know about Hillary, told me that Hillary was nowhere near done on the VP/Presidential trail. So now we have Obama throwing Joe under the bus, scared out of his wits of Sarah Palin. I could rehash all the shenanigans we have seen from the cynical, RACIST (yes, they ARE the racist ones!), CRIMINAL, (Logan Act just for one...)sexist, lying...( about McCain's record on Fannie Mae for just one example.) manipulating, 'in your face' - add your own adjectives - efforts to hoodwink the American public into believing a brand new dawn is upon America.

Don't you buy into this upcoming piece of theatre put on by the Obama boys and girls. I could tell you - again - everything that is wrong with this. I'll spare you, except to ask you to imagine what will happen when America's representative, sent by Obama, goes to 'chat and have tea" wth any of the despots of the planet. Halfway through pouring tea, ("will you be 'mum'?" - a Brit will get the humour Obama yanks the rep, and replaces them with another. "Uh, uh , um, oh, let me clarify. What I really mean was..." That'll add to the American credibility worldwide. No wonder places like North Korea are thrilled at the prospect of Obama moving into the White House.

This American election season reminds me of the plot twists and turns of a soap opera. If only the consequences were not so serious. However, I have faith that Americans are smart enough to refuse to accept the cynical political manipulations being foisted upon them at a dizzying pace.

The end of the email I received has a couple of gems that I have to share with you.:

Question: Does this maneuver fall under the category of


Change we can believe in!

Change we can hardly believe!

Change - because Sarah's whipping my ass!

Change - because picking that Old White Lifelong Liar Guy was a boneheaded blunder!

All of the above?

So is this the traditional "October Surprise"? I can just imagine what deals the Clintons are getting - in writing - to go along with this scam! At least her campaign debt will be paid off, - probably with a bonus. Probably Bill gets to be SecState after all. Maybe Chelsea gets to fill Hillary's Senate seat. The possibilities are mind-boggling!

But given what happens to the friends of the Clintons, - Obama should ask for a lot more Secret Service protection!

Ain't Democracy fun!?!

Oh, and just for the record? Don't bother asking me who my source is. And I don't use yahoo mail.

Stay tuned.

"And the wheels on the bus go round and round..." Sing along with me, now!


Terri Rager said...

Yup, yup, a changing we will go, a changing we will go, hi ho......*L*

Keep up the good work, Ms. Brat!

Anonymous said...

RUN BABY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fast can they run from SARAH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With the economic crisis on?


Anonymous said...

How can they legally do that? Ballots will need to be reprinted and voting machines reset. Also, Biden is running for reelection to his Senate seat. He would have to forfeit that seat because if he is too ill to run for vice-president, then he is too ill to be a Senator. I truly do not think this will happen. Besides, Hillary is not going to like being used like that. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this will happen. Obama is smart enough to not want three Presidents in the White House at the same time.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

I'll believe when I see the OMSM announce it.

Of course, given that Biden has been all but ignored and silenced, this may well happen.

Wonder how the McCain camp will attack the Dems making this move, at this time?

I guess flip-flop has been overused, so . . .

Anonymous said...

This is good myth.

WhatSuddenly said...

Seems unlikely. But who knows? In any case, I don't think it will get him any more votes. At least, as a Hillary supporter, I would still vote McCain/Palin.

Maggie Thornton said...

If Hillary does this she has given up a bid for the WH.

I hope this doesn't happen but you can feel the strangeness in the air!

I hear almost no one is showing up for Biden's speeches (he he he)


Roger W. Gardner said...

"In any case, I don't think it will get him any more votes. At least, as a Hillary supporter, I would still vote McCain/Palin."
Thank you for that What Suddenly.
That is indeed encouraging. We can only hope your Dems for Hillary friends will vote the same way.
The thought of this play has always scared me. I fear losing the support of those Hillary people who would have been voting for Sarah. Which is precisely why your comment is so welcome.
It would be a really wild move. But then this is a wild campaign.

Anonymous said...

My initial response is that Hillary won't do it, because it means she will probably never get a shot at the top job. However...

Since McCain is a likely one-term president, that means Hillary would likely have to go head-to-head with Palin in '12...advantage Palin. So she might see this as her best option.

Then again, I remember all kinds of rumors about Cheney being replaced before the '04 voe, and it never happened.

My guess is it won't happen unless Obama is trailing at the time. If he's ahead, he'll probably stand pat.

We'll know in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

This former life-long Democrat will still not come back. The reason I will vote Republican for the first time in my life is because of Obama.

I also believe Hillary has too high of standards for what you report.

Only if Hillary were at the top of the ticket would I consider it.

MB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Findalis said...

I don't believe it. First of all I don't think it would be legal, according to Federal Election Laws.

Second, it would be the worst political mistake in US History. The media couldn't ignore this blunder, they couldn't spin it well, and the big question would be why not have vented Hillary before this, say in June?

Third, if Obama does this he will have lost the election. This will definitely show him as very weak. That he would lead according to the polls (Johnson tried that and failed). It would show that he had bad judgment in choosing a running mate (this so-called heart problem should have kicked Biden off the ticket).

I don't think this is his "October Surprise". But if it is then Obama is in for a very big "November Surprise" when John McCain and Sarah Palin kick his butt!

citizenwells said...

It is legal.

Anonymous said...

"At least, as a Hillary supporter, I would still vote McCain/Palin."

Now why would any Hillary supporter vote for McCain/Palin??? Their views are completely different. How hateful of Obama are you that you'll vote for McCain when your candidate of choice is on the other ticket? I really don't get it. But the people without a college educated did favor Hillary so that may explain why they'd support McCain.

And they're not dumping Biden. I read it in a email sent to me by a source I trust totally. They have "cred."

Roger W. Gardner said...

"...the people without a college educated..." lolol
What's that saying about glass houses?

Findalis said...

To Anonymous (the non-profane one)
But the people without a college educated did favor Hillary so that may explain why they'd support McCain.

I know many Hillary supporters and all of them are college educated. They will not, under any circumstance vote for Barack Hussein Obama. That is why they are supporting John McCain.

Only a fool would post a sentence like that, as if attending a college or university makes you smarter than those who don't. I have met many men and women without a higher degree who are quite intelligent and spout more wisdom than many a college professor.

K-Dubyah said...

You know Brat, I've heard rumors of this happening. But with talking with those of 'higher learning' than I, didn't know quite what to make of it. I knew without a doubt, if it could be done without all the legal mumbo jumbo embroiling a particular person running for President, it would come to pass.

Let me just say this, I don't care who the democratic nominee has as a running mate, I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR THEM!!! And anyone with any sense of country won't either...

Course, you know this is just my personal opinion. And You know what they say...everyone has one!

It's just nice to know, someone is watching and reporting the shenanigans of the 'elite'.


BFree said...

I PREDICTED THIS at least a month or so ago. I even put it up in my blog. I might be incorrect about Biden's "illness" because I said it would be BRAIN related, but I have said it before, and I will say it again, Biden will BOW OUT soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes you did Bfree....we shall see. So many rumours, so little time left. ;)

MB said...

I was the "profane anonymous" whose comment was deleted. I also see comment moderation has been enabled. I guess you can't stand a little bit of opposition to your distorted views. I stand by everything I said, however, this time I will be a little more...intelligent about this.

I don't even know where to start with this. For one, I preferred Hilary in the primaries and would have liked for Hilary to be VP. However, I also like Obama and Biden and am not stubborn enough to entirely flip my political positions just because of a different candidate. They agree on almost every issue.

You say Obama is campaigning "against" America. I fail to see how providing health care, withdrawing out of a misguided war, and lowering taxes for 95% of Americans is against America. I don't think McCain is either, they simply have different visions.

And about your rumor, I highly, highly doubt it. Joe's aneurysms were 2 decades ago and since then he has been given a clean bill of health. I don't think he's "scared out of his wits" from Sarah Palin either. The excitement around her has faded and she now has the lowest approval rates of anyone on the two tickets.

I do not see how the Obama campaign is racist or sexist either. Seriously, they've only praised Palin when asked about her and if you bring up the lipstick on a pig thing I will laugh in your face. I've NEVER seen them being racist either. As all candidates do, yes there is some lying. But it's not even close to what McCain has done. The McCain campaign repeatedly lies about Obama raising taxes for the middle class, Palin's record on the bridge to nowhere, the kindergarten sex ed bill (it was to protect them from pedophiles), and have totally blown out of proportion a fairly common expression that McCain himself has used before.

Yet for all I type, you will only reply with lies and insults. Or more likely, not even approve this.

The Brat said...

MB aka "profane commenter". Different points of view ARE welcome, but NOT profanity. I have enabled comment moderation because this IS my site, and I get to decide that I will not tolerate profanity. I get to set MY standards. If you can't make a point with resorting to inane profanities, I WILL delete you. There are plenty of other sites that welcome that (including your own, I Not welcome here.

It is that simple.

The Brat said...

of course that SHOULD read" ..."withOUT resorting to profanities..."

Is early here. Back to the coffee pot.;)

Roger W. Gardner said...

WTG Brat!

BFree said...

Question to the Obamamessiah follower.
Cut taxes for 95% of Americans. Once again, Obama is math challenged. Between 68-72% of Americans actually PAY taxes. The rest are on disability, SSI, welfare and other state or government "earnings." Then there are the ILLEGALS that pay nothing. Then we have small businesses that GENERATE revenue and jobs, and those small businesses also PAY taxes. But back to the "original" Obama statement--he said 95% of american tax payers....95% out of 100% of americans. Uh huh.
Let me repeat, only 68-72% of americans PAY taxes. Math math math...Ivy League education and simple math eludes him.

MB said...

I'm pretty sure its implied that it's just out of taxpayers. In other words, taxpayers who are in the top 5% get their taxes reverted back up to Pre-Bush levels.

MB said...

Oh, and lol, my site isn't normally like that. It's....a long, kind of stupid story.

MB said...

Also I love how NO ONE IS ACTUALLY DEBATING ANYTHING I SAID. Just saying "no profanity lulz" and making irrational questions.