Monday, September 29, 2008

Urgent: Protect Military Voting Rights

I have shared a couple of information pierces about the need to ensure ALL military veterans (and active duty servicemen and women) are not denied their rights to vote in the upcoming election. Comes another effort to ensure our military have access to exercising one of those basic rights which they have - and are now still - fighting to protect:

Some Americans watching tonight's Presidential debate may not have the opportunity to cast a vote for their candidate: troops and veterans from Ohio.

Right now, a legal fight in Ohio threatens the right of servicemembers and veterans to cast their votes with absentee ballots. IAVA has filed a brief asking the Ohio Supreme Court to protect the voting rights of all citizens, and we need your support.

Add your name to IAVA's petition, demanding that the state of Ohio count all the votes of servicemembers and vets.

As the law stands now, citizens must be registered to vote for 30 days before the election, which allows voters to register and submit an absentee ballot at the same time, as long as it happens 30 days before the election. A lawsuit brought against the Ohio Secretary of State is trying to prevent the two actions from happening at the same time. If the law is changed, thousands of veterans and active duty troops could be disenfranchised.

Our troops serving overseas could be denied the very freedoms they are fighting so hard to defend. We hope the court in Ohio rejects this last minute, politically-motivated ploy that could complicate the voting process for our veterans and deployed soldiers.

Sign IAVA's petition demanding that the state of Ohio deny this challenge to the law.

This is not a partisan matter. Regardless of who they cast their ballots for, thousands of servicemen and women could find their votes thrown out. We owe these and all servicemembers an absentee voting process that is fair, predictable, and clear. Help fight this threat to our democracy.

Thank you for standing with us.

Paul Rieckhoff
Iraq Veteran
Executive Director
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

H/T Mike for this one...:)

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Lizz said...

Thank you, Paul for helping to bring this issue to the forefront! We at Count US In ( are also working to help ensure the military vote. Please take a moment to see our work and our mission. Keep up the good work!

Lizz Egan
Count US In