Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've Got your back

Gerry, the Canadian who created this video,sent it to Soldiers' Angels to share (thanks, Gerry!)


I support the troops.

Although I'm a Canadian, I support not only Canada's troops but all troops that fight the war on terrorism. The attached is a show I titled "I've Got Your Back" , and dedicated it to the United States Armed Forces.


And when pressed, Gerry shared this about himself:

I left home in Gander NL about 48 years ago and now find myself retired in
Ontario, happily married for the past 30yrs. ...

I had a short stint in the RCAF in the mid sixties. I'm proud to have
military relatives. There's my first ever real life hero, my namesake Uncle
Gerry, a WW11 veteran who lives in St. John's and my Sisters boy JP who just
recently retired from the Canadian Army after 25 yrs service that included 4
tours of duty in harsh and hostile lands.

Thank YOU, Gerry!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Gerry! Thank you for this wonderful tribute to our Military!

Janet - WV Angel

A Proud Soldiers' Angel