Saturday, September 6, 2008

New York Times: Do Not Resuscitate

I think you all know how frustrated (pissed I get with the msm. Found a column today that addresses the msm. I found it on RealClearPolitics here and followed the link to the writer's own site. Read on:
New York Times: Do Not Resuscitate

Earnings in a free fall, ideology stuck somewhere in the mud at the original Woodstock and having failed to convince the United States to convert to one-party socialism, the once-proud New York Times should be looking for a hospice and not new subscribers.

With the presidential race that they thought was in the bag getting tighter and tighter, the old hippies are flipping all over the place like a beached fish.

I had originally intended to make this about the Los Angeles Times as well but that paper is already in the midst of a very slow suicide that will soon see it found only in very old, dirty bird cages.

The meltdown in New York continues unabated today.

As always, we begin checking the paper’s vital signs on the Opinion page. The Real John McCain continues a tantrum the press has been having for a while now. At one time John McCain and the media got along fairly well. The Times, in fact, used to like him a lot. As long as he wasn’t winning. Once his nomination was obvious, the editors there turned on him, publishing unsubstantiated personal smears. Now they wonder where the old Johnny went and call the new Johnny “chilling”. After calling him that, they call him a liar.

But in that nice, “we hope you come back” way....

There IS more, of course, and you can read it here.

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