Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some gave all

Killed are Private Chad Horn, Corporal Mike Seggie and Corporal Andrew Grenon. Five others were injured in attack.

Ottawa, Ontario – Three Canadian soldiers were killed and five injured, on 3 September, when insurgents attacked their armoured vehicle in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

The dead soldiers are Corporal Andrew Paul Grenon, Corporal Michael James Alexander Seggie, and Private Chadwick James Horn. They were infantrymen with the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia´s Canadian Light Infantry, based in Shilo, Manitoba.

The three soldiers were killed when an explosion detonated near their armoured vehicle while conducting a security patrol in the Zharey District, as part of ongoing efforts to promote reconstruction and development in the area.

Brigadier-General Denis Thompson remembered the three men at a news conference held on September 3:

"Corporal Andrew Grenon was 23 years-old. This was his second tour in Afghanistan and he had deployed earlier in 2006 when he was wounded as a member of the 8 Company of the second battalion, then serving with the 1 Royal Canadian Regiment battle group. He brought confidence to those around him and inspired the first tour guys making them feel safe."

"Corporal Mike Seggie was 21 years old. He was a proud Patricia from a family of Patricia´s. His father and uncle were both NCOs in the regiment. He always had great morale and was cool under fire. He often made himself the brunt of jokes just to get a laugh out of his section. He was a great communicator and had learned several Pashtuns phrases in order to work better with the local population."

"Private Chad Horn was 21-years-old. A very professional hard-working young soldier, he had unlimited potential and was admired by his peers. Many in the company saw him as the best LAV gunner. His ability to act under fire saved many lives during the tour."

The injured soldiers were evacuated by helicopter to the Multi-National Medical Facility at Kandahar Airfield. One soldier is in critical condition, one is in serious, but stable condition, two are in good condition, and one has been treated and returned to duty. The identities of the injured soldiers will not be released. (

Rest well, heroes. Heaven is the richer for your presence today.

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I am a little slow getting around to the blogs, but found that Celestial Junk has a nice blog on these same young men! May they rest in peace!

May they rest in peace!