Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I bet you didn't know

Most of my regular readers are all too well aware of ramp ceremonies. Kentucky Woman (another of KDIH writers,) shares something SHE found. I agree with her that EVERY American should read this - be aware of. Read on:

I’ve come across something in my daily stroll through the milblog world that needs to be read by every red blooded American. Now that I have access to a bigger audience than over at my ‘lil blog, I’m going to put it up here as well.

I found this on one of the milblogs I have kept up with for over a year. LTC Rich Phillips was deployed to Afghanistan last year. He spent his time at FOB Salerno. He redeployed home this past April. I left a comment on LTC Phillips blog “Richard’s Deployment to Afghanistan”, requesting permission to re post. Within minutes, I received a reply to “Post away”.

‘OUR Guys’ and the honoring of Our Fallen.

Date: 10:21 AM 7/20/2008Subject:
An observation after a sad day in Afghanistan

I hope this e-mail finds each of you and your families well.

Here in southern Afghanistan it has been a sober day. We had a really bad fire fight. At this point I am not allowed to say much but our team had 18 guys vs 175-200 bad guys. They scored once; we scored many, many more. Yeah for the good guys.

Unfortunately, we held the first of several hero ceremonies, which occurs every time they move a body from one location to another. At each ceremony, every available service member will stand at attention and line the road, starting at our small morgue and eventually ending with his final flight home.

I am not sure folks back home know what happens at a small Forward Operations Base when a US kid dies in battle...

There is more. Go here.

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