Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

From Hard Reset here:

I think the points raised in this video are good ones. We cannot afford a president who votes 'present' or crafts his positions based on who he is addressing at the time. Vacillation in this post 9-11 world will lead to one thing, our enemies emboldened and our people attacked. That may sound melodramatic but I believe that if the jihadists see a weak leader in the white house they will redouble their efforts to hit us again. Watch this video and ask your self, do you really want a president who will say one thing to one group and another thing to a different group? (source)

Okay, I can't figure out the YouTube link, but go check it out on Hard Reset ;)

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Shan G said...

Hi! I just read this entry, I am Kevin's baby sister (from Hard Reset). Thank you for linking his blog, it is most appreciated. I don't know if you are still having problems with the YouTube video thing, but just in case I have a solution for you. Just copy the embed code, open a new post box & paste the code straight into the box where you type your text. It works like a charm! (And yes, my big Bro told me how to do it today. Pretty smart sometimes, that one!) Just wanted to let you know. I really like your blog, too. Keep up the good fight!