Friday, September 5, 2008


British troops complete operation to deliver vital power turbine

A Military Operations news article

2 Sep 08

Around 2,000 British troops in Afghanistan have taken part in a huge convoy to deliver a hydro-electric turbine 180 kilometres by road from Kandahar airfield to Kajaki dam.

Part of the convoy in Operation OQAB TSUKA

Elements of the convoy taking part in Operation OQAB TSUKA, including Mastiff and Viking armoured vehicles, wait in FOB Zeebrugge while the turbines are offloaded
[Picture: Sgt Anthony Boocock, RLC]

The operation, codenamed 'OQAB TSUKA', or 'Eagle's Summit', involved a further 2,000 Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF troops from the US, Canada, Denmark and Australia.

The turbine, once installed and fully operational, will help provide some 1.5 million southern Afghans with much needed electricity and irrigation...

Soldiers from 3 Para drive Jackal vehicles

Soldiers from 3 Para drive Jackal vehicles providing security along the convoy route in Kajaki on Operation OQAB TSUKA
[Picture: Sgt Anthony Boocock, RLC]

Lt Col David Reynolds, spokesman for Taskforce Helmand, said:

"This is a significant military operation which demonstrates that our strategy of delivering civil effect is making progress in southern Afghanistan."

"Ultimately success in Afghanistan is about more than defeating the Taliban or the absence of fighting. It's also about creating jobs, security and economic development.

"This operation is the first step in a much larger operation that demonstrates that ISAF's strategy to deliver civil effects is making real progress. A USAID funded project, delivered by the military, where the Afghan people will benefit, and ultimately, we will all benefit. It's why we are in Afghanistan."

Lt Col David Reynolds' comments here say it ALL for me. This really qualifies as B*N*S*N! Go read the rest here.

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