Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clear the kitchen

There's an old saying that goes: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Last night Sarah Palin proved that she CAN take the heat, and that she has no intention of giving up her “kitchen”. And the good ol' boys can't stand it. As expected the usual crowd (ya know, the old guard in the OLD media, and the Harry Reid cabal et al) are saying she was too “shrill”, not enough substance...on and on ad nauseum. Funny how they never accused Hillary of being “shrill”...;) And by the way? Where IS Hillary these days? Where are the 'feminists' – who spent years encouraging women that CAN have and do it all - rallying to Palin's side?

The fact that the left has been jumping all over the McCain campaign generally and Palin specifically these last few days, proves to me that the recipe for this team is exactly on target. The msm has been bleating that Palin is an “unknown” and that she wasn't vetted “properly”. Last night put those malicious lies to rest. I may be wrong, but I'm thinking the wind just went out of the Dems' souffle.

During the past days, the msm has attacked Palin's family in the most vicious ways. Trying to show what a terrible parent she is, they have repeated unfounded innuendo, and fanned the flames of disgusting rumours. Seems they can dish it out, but can't take it. Last night Palin put the old guard and their media cronies on notice. There is a new chef in town, with new tools/implments. She proved she is proud of her family; has nothing to hide or apologise for. And now – of course – we have the critics saying she is exploiting her family. Excuse me? It is okay for Obama to parade his family, have his children included in family interviews by some of the lowest rags in America? Seems the Dems have two different sets of standards going here. There's a shocker – NOT! Tsk. Tsk.

Last night Sarah Palin rolled up her sleeves and took over the kitchen. She proved to me that she is every bit as seasoned as any of the old hacks (errrrrrrr

She also proved – for me, and I suspect millions of American women – that women CAN have a place in the executive boardrooms of the nation. No wishy washy “oh, let's try a pinch of this, and a teaspoon of that and see how it works.” She spoke directly on a number of issues and showed that her time in the PTA, in the “kitchen” of small town America, the Governor's office of Alaska was well spent. Her working life, her record, clearly shows there is no magic ingredient in her climb up the political and corporate ladder. By her experience of hard work, and tossing out old ingredients that have not worked, Palin's resume is a testimony to the basics values of what make America great:

family first, service to the country she honours. And she did all that without smearing her lipstick.;)

Palin's palette of ingredients includes concepts like “honour”, “service,” “integrity” - words that have become dirty when manipulated, twisted by the usual cynical critics.

Sarah Palin just turned up the heat, roasted her critics. Watch for the old guard running for the hills - soon!

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Anonymous said...

Gov. Palin rocks!!! Who said the next Ronald Reagan had to be a guy? For once in a very long time, I'm excited for a candidate. She's a shaker and a mover, stand by for anyone who crosses her path that is screwing over the people, whether republican or democrap, she's gonna own your unethical dumbass. Can't wait to vote.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Palin completed her speech flawlessly even though the teleprompter "broke" half way through. It continued scrolling and did not pause for applause so the text that was displayed was text that was much farther on in her speech. Eat that, Obambi!


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Just read Jonathan Martin from Politico who states that the teleprompter did not break last night. He sat close enough to it to see. Some people thought that it was not working properly because Rudy Guliani deviated from his text with some extemporaneous remarks.

Gov. Palin still knocked it out of the park!


Gail A. said...

I love this lady :) So much class and so strong.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Baracuda!!!!!