Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama doesn't want me!

Browsing some of my favourite sites, I came across a little "quiz" via From My Position...(Chuck Z - Major to you haven't been reading his site, get over there SOON. He is here.

What I found today?

Just one more service I offer:

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored
17 on the Obama Test

Soooooo of COURSE, me being me, I had to go check it out lol:

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored 16 on the Obama Test

Only now do I see that I was ineligible to even take this test. It says on the bottom of the "page":

Note: this test is only open to U.S. citizens, household pets, made-up names, and fictional characters who are registered to vote and to "undocumented workers" who live in areas where they don't check IDs at polling places.

Oooops! But never mind - I am sure nobody will check my credentials, and that the Obama "truth squads" won't discount me......;)

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