Friday, September 26, 2008


KIRKUK — More than 3,000 Iraqis, including 58 women, joined the ranks of the Kirkuk province’s police force during a graduation ceremony held Tuesday at the Kirkuk Police Academy.

Referring to the unprecedented number of graduates, Maj. Gen. Jamal Thaker Baker, the Kirkuk provincial police chief, hailed the moment as “an historic event for the people of the Kirkuk province.”

“This is the direct result of the combined efforts of our Coalition friends and the Ministry of the Interior,” Baker said.

Baker pointed out the number of high-ranking Multi-National Division - North leaders in the audience, including U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, commanding general, MND-North; Brig. Gen. James C. Boozer Sr., deputy commanding general-operations MND-North; Brig. Gen. Tony Thomas, assistant division commander-support MND-North; and Col. David Paschal, commander, 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division.

Baker said he considers these men to be among a unique brotherhood. He credited the recent gains in security throughout the province to this brotherhood, whose main concern is for the people of the Kirkuk province and providing “security and stability in this region for them.”

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