Friday, May 15, 2009


Guardsman saves two lives in a moment’s notice

By 2nd Lt. Angela K. Fry
Louisiana National Guard

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Louisiana National Guard engineer, Pfc. Jeremy Easley, rescued two people May 13 after their glider crashed in Franklinton, La.
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MONROE, La. (5/14/09) – As a Louisiana National Guard engineer, Pfc. Jeremy Easley is trained as a general construction equipment operator. But his training as a Soldier prepared this Franklinton, La., resident for the life-threatening events he faced May 13.

As Easley was working in the maintenance shop for the Franklinton Country Club, the sounds of a motorized glider taking off in the distance were apparent. The Guardsman witnessed the glider rise, take an immediate nose-dive, then crash to the ground in an explosion.

“All I thought was … react,” explained Easley, a member of the 843rd Engineer Company, 205th Engineer Battalion. “My military training immediately kicked in.”

Easley said that he called 911 and then ran to the small airport located across from the golf course to offer assistance. As he approached the glider, he saw its two passengers tangled in the wires and straps of the aircraft.

Despite the men’s yells of agony, Easley worked around protruding bones to untangle them from the mess of wires. At that point, the 20-year-old noticed fuel pouring onto the men and their wounds and dragged them to safety before the glider could potentially explode.

After both men had been dragged from the aircraft, Easley said that he attempted to shut off its engine before it could ignite the fuel and harm everyone in the general vicinity. Unable to disengage the engine, he ripped out the aircraft’s electrical system.

“I did what I had to do,” said Easley. “This is why I joined the Louisiana National Guard: to protect my country, my state and the people … no matter what occurs.”...

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