Friday, May 29, 2009

Do the Right Thing: Defeat Harry Reid

From Do The Right Thing comes this:


Military Mom Targets Liberals on Memorial Day

As I write this note to you it's the day before Memorial Day - a time when America reflects on the services and sacrifices of our military men and women. As the proud mother of a United States Marine who has served several tours of duty in the War on Terror this day has special meaning for me.

Memorial Day 2009 will be even more unique for me this year. You see,on MondayI depart on a trip that will take me all across the state of Nevada to fight back against liberal Democrat Harry Reid who has dishonored our military men and women time and again. He tried to cut off their funding. He said they had "lost" their war against terrorists. And he called their General, David Petraeus, a liar.

To top things off, Barack Obama is also traveling to Nevada - shamefully to support Harry Reid and help him raise millions of dollars for his re-election campaign.

But I'm going to take on Barack Obama and Harry Reid head on. As you know, we are officially launching our "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign when Obama travels to Nevada to campaign for Reid, with the hallmark event being a multi-million dollar fundraiser for Reid that will include singer Sheryl "One Sheet of TP" Crow andBette Middler.

We will be responding with a TV ad campaign blitzing the state, news conferences in Reno & Las Vegas, and a big protest of Obama & Reid outside of their Las Vegas fundraiser. If Obama & Reid are going to try to kick off their campaign and make it look like they are loved and adored, then we will kick off our "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign and show them both that they are not!..

Go - NOW! - and read the rest here. Then, Do The Right Thing.

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