Tuesday, May 19, 2009


From my inbox comes this gem. Seems that quite a few fakes are touting this "found" money. First clue he is a fake? ANY soldier offering to share "found" money in a war zone, is guilty of a crime.

Read on:


my name is Sgt.perry johnson, I am serving in the engineering Military Unit. we found some money here in Baqubah in Iraq, we solicit your help on the shipment of this funds from Iraq. Please your help will entitle you 30% of the funds,if intrested get back for more details.This business is risk free.
perry johnson..

What a pathetic fraud, and a disgrace to the REAL heroes out there. Illiterate too! Just sayin'. Now back to regular programming.

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Anonymous said...

I also received the same email. Your comments about crimes being committed are true. My issue is, it was bad enough when I had millionaire relatives dying off in South Africa, but to actually be so callous to play on the emotions and love for our military.