Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jackass of the Day Award — it’s not just for politicians and the elite

From Claire, comes the latest recipient of this much lauded award:

Jackass of the Day Award — it’s not just for politicians and the elite

Just saw a headline about someone being offended by the flag Tweeted by Pat Dollard who has posted the article at his blog (and I have an excerpt below)

***Also, the post below is updated with contact information to the hospital if you would like to contact them. Thank you Hank for the information found in your comment! ***

This is unbelievable.

Sorry if our flag offends you.

Sorry if it doubly offends you on Memorial Day when we are remembering the young men and women who come home in coffins draped with that flag because they chose to fight for your freedom.

So here’s to you “Ms. Your-flag-offends-others-so-take-it-down” — let me finish that statement for you –

“Your flag is offensive, but I love to live off the blood sacrifice of the Patriots who come home draped in that Flag, because I don’t have the courage to do it myself. I have the courage to make you take down your flag because some ungrateful moron from Africa is offended by the site of the flag that gives him the freedom to even come to this country and have a freaking job.”

There you go. You earned it. You are the Jackass of the Day!...

You MUST go read the who, what, why, when ...It's a Claire gem, I promise. Here. Oh, and be sure and note the contact information. Just sayin'.

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