Thursday, May 21, 2009

Every soldier is one of our own

That header is part of my Soldiers' Angels tag line. It IS what I fervently believe. Today, I came across a piece by Israeli Soldier's Mother that is a reminder of how universal the role of a soldier's mother is:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Mother, Another Father, and a Birthday

When you become a soldier's mother, suddenly, in some way, all soldiers become your sons, and all mothers of soldiers become extensions of who you are, who you might be or become. You learn this slowly, as you need to. When something happens, these sisters reach out and touch you, support you, offer you their strength when you aren't sure; their calm faith when you want to panic and be scared.

You take turns being up or down. When they feel you are down, they write, reach out, calm. You'll get through today; tomorrow will be better. And then, when you see they are down, you write, reach out, calm and hope tomorrow will be better for them too.

This mother always writes so eloquently about her life as a soldier's mother. GO read the rest now. Here.

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A Soldier's Mother said...

Thanks so much for your reference and your great blog. I enjoy...ok, wrong word...I learn from it and I support it. Sometimes the topics make me very sad...but always, it is something important and worth sharing. Thanks for coming to my site and commenting and supporting so often - it helps more than you can imagine.