Thursday, May 7, 2009

Politics and prayer

Rush Limbaugh weighed in about PBO not publicly acknowledging today as the National Day of Prayer. In a break with decades-old tradition - dating back to the late 50's I believe - Obama has raised yet more eyebrows. Limbaugh:

...Also, President Obama has announced that he's canceling the public day of prayer, the National Day of Prayer that is tomorrow at the White House. He said he's not going to do this, there's no pomp and circumstance anymore and there's no big deal about it, he's just changing the policy that was in place for eight years in the Bush administration, but there will be no public recognition of the National Day of Prayer in the White House. He prays privately. Now, why do this? Why go out of his way to do this? Why make these kinds of waves unnecessarily? He's doing it on purpose! He's trying to irritate some people. He's asserting his authoritarian control. They say he prays privately. I have no doubt about it. Does he pray to himself? Who does he pray to?

Now, I have one answer for why he might cancel the National Day of Prayer, because a public prayer day, a public prayer event plays no role in getting him what he wants. Obama is only going to spend time on events and things that will get him what he wants.

Of course, this section is only part of a much longer rant by Limbaugh, titled Will Americans Ever Wake Up? Go read the rest here.

Pray on!!!

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