Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brothers at War movie in New York

The award-winning documentary "Brothers at War" gives audiences a rare view into life on the frontlines of war.

The movie opens in New York City this weekend, at a series of screenings co-sponsored by Sony at the AMC Loews Village 7. Sony is also inviting New York City police officers, firefighters, and service men and women to attend the weekend screenings.

"Brothers at War," released by Samuel Goldwyn Films, follows Rademacher as he journeys to Iraq to embed with American combat units in an effort to better understand the mission of his two brothers, Capt. Isaac Rademacher, a decorated West Point graduate serving his third tour, and Sgt. Joe Rademacher, a Ranger, combat vet, and army sniper in the 82nd Airborne.

The movie, which has received standing ovations and praise from military families across the country, also offers a close-up glimpse of war's personal impact on the American family, from a brother's point of view.

Given unprecedented access to U.S. and Iraqi combat units, Rademacher takes the audience on reconnaissance patrols on the Syrian border, into sniper "hide sites" in the Sunni Triangle, and through raging machine gun battles with the Iraqi Army.

"Brothers at War" has already opened in more than 41 cities this year, with a number of special screenings on military bases. The movie is produced by Norman S. Powell ("24") and Jake Rademacher, and executive produced by Gary Sinise and David Scantling. It will open at additional locations in coming weeks, including Los Angeles, White Plains, N.Y. and Springfield, Ill., near the Rademacher family home in Decatur, Ill.

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You can see a trailer for Brothers At War at[brat note: A must see!]

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