Friday, January 17, 2014

British PM: "We are building Britain"

Got a personal email from my 'pal' British Prime Minister, David Cameron..  A lot of facts and figures - and grandiose proclamations on how they are going to 'build Britain.'  What is interesting to me is what is NOT included.  Take a guess!

How we're building Britain

We’re funding infrastructure projects up to 2020 worth over £100 billion.

 Up and down the country big projects are boosting our national prospects for the future and providing high quality jobs now. 

Whether it’s electrifying the Great Western Railway, getting high-speed broadband set up in rural areas, building a new bridge over the River Mersey or improving the road network across the country, we are determined that Britain will have the tools to compete in the global race. 

 This week, to mark the halfway point of its construction, the Prime Minister visited the Crossrail project – Europe’s largest infrastructure project 

Prime Minister David Cameron visits the £14.5 billion Crossrail project at Tottenham Court Road, London.
Crossrail is one of our priority projects as set out in the National Infrastructure Plan. The plan details the action we’re taking to make the UK globally competitive.

£300 billion on capital projects

At the last spending round we announced we will spend £300 billion on capital projects over the next 6 years, including £100 billion of specific projects.
These include:

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