Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update: GITMO: KSM has a Brit pen pal...and more...

Isn't this special???  NOT!  From the Guardian:

Guantánamo's 'architect of 9/11' has care worker pen pal in Nottingham 

Terri Judd 
12 January 2014

Details from an extraordinary exchange of letters between a Nottingham care worker and the alleged architect of the 9/11 attacks can be revealed in the Observer today, offering an unprecedented insight into the mind of one the world's most notorious Islamists.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 49, who is held at Guantánamo Bay, has endured the harshest of the CIA's interrogation methods and allegedly confessed to a career of atrocities.

Pre-trial hearings before a military commission are due to be held at Guantánamo next month. In his letter to Rory Green, 25, Mohammed wrote: "I appreciate your deep concern regarding my worldly and hereafter life … You asked me to repent from my sins. For your own information, I never stop."

Green began the correspondence when he was studying for a degree in athletics at Wingate University in North Carolina in 2011 after reading a newspaper article about Mohammed. A devout Christian, Green wrote: "I am not here to trick you, [or] make you feel worse than anybody in the world. There is hope in forgiveness through Jesus Christ."...

But...but...those innocents are SO abused in GITMO!  Much more here. 

Debra Burlingame weighs on in on this, as she explains what is SO wrong - on so many levels -  with this:


UPDATE:  Release of KSM Manifesto.  Megyn Kelly reacts.

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