Monday, January 27, 2014

Canadian Military failing our Troops

Yet more on the dismal lack of support for our fine men and women in the Military.  From the Ottawa Citizen:

Military has failed to meet mental-health staffing promises

By Chris Cobb, 
January 23, 2014
OTTAWA — Canadian armed forces’ mental health facilities across the country are chronically short of skilled professionals and aren’t close to the staffing levels promised in 2012 by then defence minister Peter MacKay, the Citizen has learned.

In what was billed as an “important announcement” MacKay held a media event at Canadian Forces Base Halifax in the fall of 2012 amid early waves of criticism about the military’s handling of its increasing number of mentally injured Afghanistan veterans.

Among other initiatives, he vowed to provide funding “to enhance the Canadian Forces’ extensive mental health care system, particularly by targeting wait times through innovative recruitment campaigns and treatment approaches.

“Our government is committed to supporting our men and women in uniform,” he said.


But according to figures updated just last month, current mental health staffing levels are even short — by 62 — of the military’s own staffing target set for 2009.

The figures reveal that the system is short of four psychiatrists, seven psychologists, 23 social workers, 18 mental health nurses, six administrative support staff, three addictions specialists and one manager....

Much more here which clearly demonstrates - again - that the government's constant media events where they pledge continuing 'support' for our Military is all more of the same: empty rhetoric,   more failed promises.

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