Thursday, January 16, 2014

US Military - the purge continues

Would the last man left turn out the lights.

From the Beeb:

US nuclear launch officers suspended for 'cheating


Thirty-four US Air Force officers in charge of launching nuclear missiles have been suspended over accusations that they cheated in proficiency tests.

The air force said some staff had texted answers to the routine tests to others, while others had known about the cheating but failed to report it.

The ranks involved range from 2nd lieutenants to captains.

The allegations emerged during investigations into alleged drug use by personnel at other bases.
Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said the cheating had involved officers based at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, and related to a monthly test all nuclear missile staff must take....

Much more here. 

Over at the US Navy, Robert Martinage, acting undersecretary resigned Tuesday 'under pressure':

Navy's Acting Undersecretary Forced to Resign

Jan 15, 2014 |

The Navy's acting undersecretary resigned Tuesday under pressure from Navy Secretary Ray Mabus following allegations of sexual misconduct with a subordinate, Pentagon sources said.

Mabus asked for the resignation of Robert Martinage, who has been serving as undersecretary of the Navy since last June, "following a loss of confidence in Martinage's abilities to effectively perform his duties," Mabus' office said in a statement.

Mabus acted after allegations surfaced that Martinage had engaged in inappropriate conduct with a woman who worked for him, a Pentagon source said.


What had been expected to be a routine confirmation last October of Rooney's nomination to the powerful post as the Navy's No. 2 civilian ran into a firestorm of criticism from Gillibrand and others when Rooney defended the role of commanders in sexual assault cases.

There is more here.


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