Monday, January 13, 2014

GITMO: Obama releases another 'innocent'

From Mr Conservative:

Obama Frees Al-Qaeda Prisoner Deemed “Too Dangerous To Be Released” From Gitmo

 Sadly, it appears that Obama has made a decision that is sure to result in American bloodshed. 

 A terrorist prisoner in Guantanamo Bay Naval base is set to be released that Obama’s own Gitmo parole board deemed “too dangerous to be released,” just a few years ago.  [Emphasis mine]

Although the Al-Qaeda member was to be imprisoned for the duration of his life, he is now set to be released to his home country of Yemen. ...

 Yes, there is MUCH more (and video report) here.


Regular readers do not need my editorial comments to know how disgusted I am.


[H/T Diane]

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