Friday, December 30, 2011

All - and always - about the kids

HAD to share this one. War On Terror News shared this picture with this cutline:

Afghan Kids are just happy to have a chance to learn. A classroom to them, doesn't need computers, iPads, or necessarily even walls, roofs, chairs, or desks. While a big tree, a teacher, and a blackboard will do, textbooks, paper, and pencils are a nice bonus.

Being the intrepid researcher that he is, WOTN also found the original story that this picture comes from: Canadians Come Together to put Desks in Two Area Kabul Schools

In these days when the msm still runs their ink perpetuating the myth of our Troops as murdering Rambos on steroids, wantonly killing innocent women and children, a picture like this reminds us ALL what our Military actually fights for around the world: The Kids.

All - and always - for the kids.

Back in February, War On Terror News wrote about the power of the pencil for Afghan kids, and how eager they are to learn. Out of all the columns WOTN writes, this is one my my favourites, so of course, I had to add it here for those who may have missed it. It IS a must read. Promise!

How Your #2 Pencil Can Save Afghanistan!

And then there is this from 2009:

Dust Devils Spawned of Candy Sins

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