Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Princes go to the 'Millies': Harry pays tribute to the families

Prince Harry and Prince William were at the Millies last night, and it is what Harry said that caught my eye.

From British Forces Broadcasting:

Celebrities and Royalty have turned out in force to honour our troops.

'Millies: A Night of Heroes' was held last night at the Imperial War Museum.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were there along with a whole host of stars - the most important being the Armed Forces.

Prince Harry, who recently returned from America where he was undertaking the final phases of his Apache helicopter training, described the members of the armed forces assembled as "inspirational role models to all young Britons".

In a speech to guests at the event he also spoke of his own military career.

He said: "I am a young Army officer, a serving soldier. Like my brother, I share many of the same hopes, the same aspirations to go on operations, and the same fears as all those who serve our Queen and country.

"By an accident of birth, though, it falls to 564673 Captain Wales humbly to express - on behalf of my comrades-in-arms and people up and down the country - the admiration we feel for the extraordinary men and women we honour here tonight."

He added: "It's often said of our armed forces that they are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Well, I don't entirely buy that."

The prince, who has served in Afghanistan himself, also paid tribute to the family members of those who go off to fight.

"The strength and courage it must take to see your husband or your wife, your father or mother, son or daughter, head off into the unknown - and to support them doing it - I can hardly even imagine," he said.

"So, to our amazing, brave families, I know I join every single service man and woman in saying from the bottom of our hearts, thank you."...

The families ALSO serve. More on the Millies, and from the real stars: the military, here.

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