St. Nicholas Church as it stood, prior to 9/11

Located in what is today New York City’s financial district, Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church traces its roots back to 1916, when it was founded by Greek immigrants. Serving the spiritual needs of the early immigrant community, the church also achieved prominence as a religious and cultural center for Greek shipping magnates passing through New York. Services began at the current site in 1922, though the building was constructed in the early nineteenth century. Measuring 22ft. wide, 56ft. long and 35ft. tall, the church was bound on three sides by a parking lot.

Good Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas, known in the West as Santa Claus, is the patron saint of sailors, bankers, and bakers. He is revered for feeding the hungry and clothing needy children. Born in 270 A.D. in what is now Turkey, his parents died at an early age and left him with considerable wealth which he began to give away. After becoming a priest, he was later promoted to Bishop of Myra and took part in the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. In 1087 his remains were transported by the Crusaders to their current home in Bari, Italy.

September 11th

On September 11th, the entire weight of World Trade Center Tower 2 came down on St. Nicholas Church, completely destroying the building and its contents. Only a handful of damaged icons and religious items were found amongst the rubble.


Luckily, no one in the Church was hurt when the Towers collapsed. The caretaker and an electrician managed to escape only minutes before the tragedy.

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