Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Biden and Obama's DC Adventure

A Perspectives column from War on Terror News that, as usual, cuts through all the bafflegab and noise which is the political scene in DC these days:

Oh, I'm sorry, he already thinks he's done more than George Washington!?!? Evidently, he thinks Truman did more than Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington as well. The Founding Fathers, supposedly did less than the guy that came along 240 years later? Winning the Cold War was less influential than "ending" the War in Iraq?

The Washington Post would have us believe that he not some type of egomaniac that puts himself above the First President, but a dupe who fell for a gotcha moment. But Obama did in fact say that ONLY his first two years, when he had absolute power with an absolute majority in both houses were enough to outshine even Thomas Jefferson, who put an end to piracy in his time, on Foreign Policy, that he has more legislative achievements than George Washington who oversaw the implementation of the Bill of Rights in his own first two years.

Meanwhile, Biden sits in his back office and opines that though we went to war with the Taliban, that we tossed them out of power, though they regularly throw acid in the faces of girls learning to read, that they are not the enemy. And that's the guy who tried to comfort us by saying he would always be in the room when Obama was making important decisions?...

With all the shenanigans going on behind closed doors during this "most transparent government ever," even as Obama rushes to any microphone within the DC city limits at every opportunity, in his attempts to convince us all of how "presidential" he really is, observers such as War On Terror News cut through all the fog and poinys out the FACTS! Go here to read this one, which is a WOTN classic, in my opinion.

It is the DUTY of every Voter to be informed. Now, more than ever, it is critical for the future well-being of America that Voters seek out the truths.

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