Thursday, February 13, 2014

AFG: US Troops killed by jihadis in Army gear - 65 Bagram detainees released

Connection?  It has been well-documented that our Troops have been murdered by terrorists who have returned to their killing ways upon release from detention.  The recidivism rate has been high.  Today, two stories that make me shake my head.

First, from Jihad Watch:

Afghanistan: Jihadis in army uniforms murder two American troops
Robert Spencer Feb 12, 2014

The continuing presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, serving as a shooting gallery for hostile “allies,” laboring under impossible Rules of Engagement with no vision of what would constitute victory and no desire on the part of their commanders to attain it if they did have one, is nothing less than criminal. Barack Obama and the Army High Command should be tried for the deaths of every one of the soldiers killed in insider jihad attacks.

“Afghans in army uniform kill two American troops,” from Reuters, February 12:

KABUL — Two Afghan men in army uniforms turned their weapons on American forces in east Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing two U.S. troops, officials said.
An Afghan interior ministry official said the shooting took place in Kapisa province, just north of the capital Kabul.
The NATO-led coalition confirmed two foreign troops had been shot dead but did not identify their nationalities. A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said both victims were Americans.
It was the first “insider” attack this year. There were ten such incidents last year, resulting in the deaths of 15 members of the ISAF international security forces, according to a Reuters tally.
The attacks led the NATO-led force to briefly suspend all joint activities, a cornerstone of its mission in Afghanistan.

On the same day that news hit the airwaves, comes this news that Afghanistan has released sixty five detainees from the high security Bagram facility.  

From the BBC:

Afghan prisoners freed from Bagram amid US protests

Sixty-five detainees have been released from Afghanistan's high-security Bagram detention centre, a move condemned by the US as "deeply regrettable".

The US embassy in Kabul said some of those released were responsible for the deaths of Afghan civilians, and Afghan and coalition troops.

Kabul, which took over control of Bagram last year, insists there is not enough evidence against the detainees.

The Afghan president said the releases were of "no concern to the US".

Speaking after a summit in the Turkish capital Ankara, Hamid Karzai said the US must stop "harassing" his country's judicial authority and respect Afghanistan's sovereignty....

Afghanistan releases 65 prisoners accused of being Taliban fighters, despite US warnings they will kill NATO forces

Go read that article.

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