Monday, February 24, 2014

Syria: Misses chemical weapons deadline

There's a surprise - NOT!

From Homeland Security News Wire:

After failing 5 February deadline, Syria wants 100-day extension to remove chemicals

24 February 2014

After missing the 5 February deadline to have all its chemical weapons removed from its territory, Syria has submitted a new 100-day plan for their removal. The international group monitoring the operation says the completion of the removal can be accomplished in less time than that. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) executive committee met on Friday in The Hague to discuss the joint mission at a time when there is a growing international frustration with Syria over its failure to live up to its commitments.

Arutz Sheva reports that the Syrian government failed to meet the 5 February OPCW deadline to move all of its declared chemical substances and precursors out of the country.

The OPCW deadline for all of Syria’s declared chemical materials to be destroyed is 30 June.
The Syrian 100 day plan for removal of the chemicals, on which we have been briefed, is not adequate,” Philip Hall, head of the British Foreign Office Counter Proliferation Department, told the OPCW, according to a copy of his statement.

We now urge the Syrian authorities to accept the proposals submitted by the Operational Planning Group that provide for removal in a much shorter time frame, without compromising on security,” he said.

A senior UN diplomat, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity, said the OPCW believes the operation can be carried out before the end of March, adding that Syria’s proposed end-May deadline would not leave enough time for the chemicals to be destroyed before the end of June....

ANYbody who has been paying attention, would have predicted this.  Read the rest here.


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