Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video: Iran buried under snow - Let's blame the 'Big Satan'

From Press TV:

Heaviest snow in 50 years blankets most of Iran 

** [Not sure why the vid isn't showing here - the edit function shows that it IS -  but follow the link to see it]***
 Rescue operations are underway in different parts of Iran as the heaviest snowstorm in five decades has blanketed the country’s northern provinces, leaving many people without power and running water.

The Iranian Red Crescent Society says teams have rescued over 10,000 people caught in the heavy snow in 18 different provinces.

Rescue operations are also underway in the northern provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran. Thousands of people are reportedly trapped on the roads of the two provinces.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and army troops have been sent to help people.
Water and power supplies were cut off in the remote regions, but reports say electricity is mostly restored.

Schools and universities have been shut down because of the heavy snow. There have been no official reports of casualties....

No reports on how effective all that nuclear energy is helping keep the population warm.
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